Ryan P. Sullivan is a graphic designer and visual artist focused on the visual representation of place. His projects endeavor to visualize cultural landscapes—the complex relationships between people and the places they inhabit. His recent work, inspired by writers J.B. Jackson, Wallace Stegner and Edward Abbey, explores the American West and seeks to challenge preconceptions about people and their relationship to landscape, ecology, history and place. In 2018, he was an artist in residence at the Caldera Arts Center, and began a series of drawings, maps and data visualizations that explore the American West.

Ryan has maintained a commercial graphic design practice, Paste in Place, since 2010. The studio focuses on the visual representation and analysis of cities—and—the systems and networks that operate within them. Projects undertaken by the studio typically involve data visualization, information design, cartography and visual analytics.

He is trained as an architect and practiced architecture and urban design in Baltimore, Portland and Boston before focusing on graphic design, cartography and data visualization. He taught and developed curriculum for classes on information graphics and wayfinding in both the School of Architecture and Art & Design Department at Northeastern University. In 2005, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to work with Jan Gehl at the Center for Public Space Research in Copenhagen, Denmark.